Who plays this garbage?

For the life of me I will NEVER understand why people play these games. You know, these hunting and fishing video games that some how manage to come out every year and actually be successful? I’ve never been hunting in my life, and I enjoy fishing somewhat. However the last time I went fishing, it was more about getting drunk and having a good time with friends than it was about actually catching anything. Fishing on your own isn’t exactly the most exhilarating experience one can have.

Now the only thing MORE boring than that, would be playing a SIMULATED version on your computer or whatever the hell console you have. You have to pay like $70 to pretend to fish, when a thing of worms and a fishhook costs about $1.50. I’ve played these games at friends houses before and my god, it is boring after 5 minutes TOPS. You walk around in first person view for fucking 20 minutes before you see a deer run by. If you’re lucky enough to shoot it, nothing even happens. There is a pop-up that says congratulations. How is this fun for anybody?
And as far as the fishing goes, you stare at some dumbass radar for half an hour before you move your little boat 10 feet. Then you sit there and wait, and when a fish bites u mash a button until you catch it. Like.. really?
These games have absolutely no replay value because once you have caught a salmon or shot a moose, you have officially seen all this game has to offer. 
If your life is so boring that THIS is fun for you, I sincerely feel bad for you. 

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