This has to be a joke

You have GOT to be kidding me! Just when I thought there couldn’t POSSIBLY be anything worse than Crocs, they come out with a line of SLIPPERS! Ugh! What the fuck man.

Seriously, if you wear Crocs this post will probably offend you and should stop reading now. Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous you look when you wear this out in public. I’m not talking about when you take the garbage out, work on the garden or go to the pool. I’m talking about shopping, work, or dinner. Crocs should come in child sizes ONLY because every adult should be mature enough to know these look stupid as shit.
So as if the regular ones weren’t enough, you can now buy these things in slipper form. Unbelievable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the point of Crocs not to allow your feet to breathe and be cool during the summer. The whole concept of the slipper is the complete opposite of that. Which leads me to believe these dumb fucking things are actually so popular that they are FASHIONABLE and people want to wear this brand name. 
I will never understand you Croc people. Never.

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Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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