Let’s get naked..

Dear Oscar winners, NBA All-Stars and any other celebrity on the planet. Stop fucking take nude pictures of yourself. How dumb are some of you? Do you actually think these pictures will never leak and the person you’re sending them to isn’t waiting to sell these things?

Or is it when you realize your career needs a boost and you want to me back in the media again?
Usually this shit is left to the female celebs, but in the past week pictures of Jamie Foxx and Dwight Howard have been showing up online. To Howard’s credit, he claims they are fake and plans to take legal action.
But to Mr. Foxx, you won an OSCAR dude. the epitome of your profession and you’re stooping to this level. For what? If you are that proud of yourself, pose for a magazine like Playgirl and get PAID for it, instead of being completely humiliated for looking immature as hell
Seriously, its enough already

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  1. Yeah , at least when all those furrballs of the 70's wanted to show off , they really DID do they Playgirl thing . I haven't seen Jamie Foxx but I mean things should have an audience . Soulja Boy posting his schlong on Twitter was inappropriate , for example . Some of these cats have GOTTA be doin it for a stunt , but if I suddenly got uber-famous , I'm sure there would be something "embarrassing" out there . The difference is , I would just OWN it . I certainly wouldn't act shocked – I mean who really cares ? I don't . Stop acting artificially humiliated – it's far more unbecoming than the nudity in the first place

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