I don’t get space

Let me start this post by saying, what the fuck is that a picture of? What the HELL is space? Every so often I start thinking about this or discuss it with friends and it basically just turns into one big mindfuck. I mean, how can space be neverending? Does this make sense to anybody? And if it wasn’t neverending, then what the hell is outside space? Where are we? How did space come about? Has it always been here? How can it be possible that we have the only planet with inhabitants? Science and common sense basically dismiss infinite in every day life, so the thought of true infinite is NUTS.

Seriously turn away from the computer for 5 minutes, and go in to deep thought about that, and tell me your mind won’t be blown and totally creep you out

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Posted on August 13, 2009, in Uncategorized and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I have thought lots about this lately and space does creep me out.And it's prolly just me but that pic moves when I look at it

  2. Its not just you. I started staring at it after you mentioned it. The whole concept just makes my brain hurt. How can you go in one direction forever and ever and it never ends? ugh

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