Kevin Youkilis is a bitch!

So during last night’s Tigers/Red Sox game, Kevin ‘ugliest stance in the world’ Youkilis got plunked by pitcher Rick Porcello. Youkilis charged the mound yada yada yada same ol‘ story. My beef with this fucking loser Youkilis is that when he charges the mound, he throws his helmet at Porcello from POINT BLANK then tries to tackle him. Yeah I get it, Porcello threw a ball at him a hell of a lot harder, but a helmet to the face would feel a hell of a lot worse when you get hit from two feet away. Despite the barbaric act of charging the mound, there is still etiquette to this entire situation and Youkilis looked like a punk.
The best part is that Porcello, who is only 20 years old, dodged out of the way and threw him to the ground like a rag doll.
Dear Kevin Youkilis, go fuck yourself. You look like shit and so does your stance. Your pal, Tyler


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  1. you are a complete fag..grow up..if they actually fought,youkilis would definitly fuck his ass up.porcello was backing away from him the whole time..

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