Amazing Grace

I came across this story this morning and, no pun intended, had my heart wrenched. There is an 11 year old girl named Grace (nicknamed Amazing Grace for obvious reasons) from Ontario undergoing heart surgery to replace a pulmonary valve in her chest. This is the first known procedure of this type for a child. The surgery will go as such: “Doctors will insert the valve through her JUGULAR vein and thread it through her system, then balloon it open when it gets into place.

Am I the only who knows for a fact that there is no way in hell I could be surgeon under any circumstance. Oh yeah, and the operation could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. I’m in constant wonderment with how far modern medicine has come for this procedure to even be possible. I’m also happy beyond words there are people in the world able to perform these seemingly unrealistic possibilities.
This girl has already gone through three open-heart surgeries and at least 35 other operations and was not expected to live past the age of 2. Apparently, if the operation goes according to plan she will be attending the first day of school in September.
And I complain when I’m bored.. fuck me…

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