Gearing up for fantasy football…

There is no better time to begin filling my new blog, than fantasy football crapola. This is pretty much my obsession. I mean, most fantasy sports is, but football especially is what wakes me up on Sunday morning no matter how bad the hangover might be. I’m always in a few leagues every year, but the one with me and 7 close friends is really what it’s all about. Let me give you a quick run down of my league so you understand my points of view. Entering the second year of an 8 team head-to-head keeper league with mostly standard settings regarding roster size and scoring. Each year we keep 10 players. As such, I am facing a dilemma this offseason for my 10th and final roster spot. Here’s a quick run down of the players I will for sure be keeping.

QB – Jay Cutler, QB – Drew Brees, WR – Anquan Boldin, WR – Braylon Edwards, RB – Chris Johnson, RB – Ronnie Brown, RB – Reggie Bush, WR – Santonio Holmes, RB – Kevin Smith.. and now the dilemma is to either keep QB – Matt Hasselbeck or RB – Lawrence Maroney. I’m already pretty stacked at the RB position, but with 2 flex spots in addition to the 2 RB position every week it seems Maroney is going to have to be the choice. Cutler and Brees will be must starts every week, and I’ll be able to draft somebody like Brady Quinn late to fill in on bye weeks. Also, I was wheeling and dealing big time last year when I realized I wouldn’t make the playoffs and have a solid draft lineup. I’ll be picking 3rd, 9th, 11th, 20th, 24th overall just in the first 3 rounds. Then I have one pick in each of the next 5 rounds. My goal is to add a solid WR or possible package some of the picks to grab a better WR.

You can trust that I’ll be posting a shitload of fantasy football info on this blog in the coming weeks and months as I gear up for my favourite time of the year.

By the way, team name – Swamp Repomen. Always has been, always will be

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Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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