Bye Bye JP…

So, Alex Rios is now a member of the Chicago White Sox. In return the Toronto Blue Jays end up with absolutely nothing aside from ‘financial stability’ for a player than only a year and a half ago was billed as the franchise player. The same guy who was almost traded for Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

This marks a season in which the Jays have let high priced talent Rios, along with former closer BJ Ryan go and got zero in return. The ironic twist is that I am not mad whatsoever that nothing came back our way because frankly these players were worthless. I’m upset that Jays General Manager JP Ricciardi continues to make horrible contractual agreements with players AND coaches and retains his job.

Lets review:

JOHN FUCKING GIBBONS!! This dude was the Jays coach starting in 2004 and wasn’t fired until midway through 2008. Trust me, this guy lasted about 3 years too long because he played minor league ball with JP and they were friends. Once he was fired and Cito Gaston came back, the Jays had one of the best records in baseball for nearly 100 games including this season. Proof that Gibbons cant coach shit? After almost a four year tenure as a major league manager, he caught on as a bench coach for the Kansas City Royals – one of the worst teams of the past 15 years.

Next up, lets sign Frank fucking Thomas to 2 years and 22 million when hes like 49 years old shall we? Yes, he had a solid season the year before with the Oakland A’s, but did anybody really think this guy could maintain that for one, if not TWO more seasons?

AJ Burnett. Okay, actually this deal wasn’t too bad for the money. However, giving the guy a player option when he should be entering his prime is just plain dumb. Everybody could see for an entire season this guy would not be sticking around. Was he dealt at the deadline for some draft picks? Of course not, because JP is an idiot. Burnett did walk, to the division rivals. Great!

There is also of course the ludicrous contract of Vernon Wells who has been a bust ever since Carlos Delgado left about a decade ago. Oh yeah, he is set to be one of the top 5 highest paid players in the MLB starting next season. And finally, BJ Ryan who was decent enough until he threw his arm out a couple years ago.

I understand that Toronto is not the baseball market it was in the late 80’s and early 90’s and players aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to come north of the border and play in the toughest division in baseball. However, that doesn’t mean you have a license to spend money left right and center at the cost of the teams future. I have no problem with overspending on players who are WORTH the money. If you gave a guy like Chase Utley 100 million over 3 seasons, I wouldn’t care because he’s going to play. If you are throwing the moon at potential, or one season wonders this is exactly what happens.

JP has signed 3 contracts in the past 3 years totalling over 100 million over their duration, and each player has been released or waived with nothing in return. Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it in professional sports.

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  1. i agree minus the frank thomas. 2yrs 22million is not bad for a guy who performed as well as he did in oakland the year before. if he busts, you dont have him 6-7 yrs aka rios and wells. on paper the lineup looked stacked.

  2. On paper the lineup was good, i dont dispute that. The players we had/have are good players, just not worth the money being thrown at them. Vernon Wells is a good CF with an average bat, definitely NOT worth being a top paid player. We have good players, we are just paying them too much money for how unproven they are.

  3. I'm with ya buddy . JP is a douche and knows no bounds when it comes to business senselessness . I think Rogers hired this twit on purpose to tank the team . I'm not joking . I may even blog with my reasoning behind this suspicion but it stands that Rogers wanted out before JP was hired and ergo found the perfect dingbat to help fulfill their mission and give it all the justification in the media eye.

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